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Choose a direction and enter the postgraduate study at BelSU

BelSU continues to receive applications for graduate school

Recruitment is being carried out for such areas of training in postgraduate studies as Mathematics and Mechanics, Physics and Astronomy, Chemical Sciences, Earth Sciences, Biological Sciences Computer science and computing, Geology, exploration and development of minerals, Technology of Materials," Fundamental Medicine, Clinical Medicine, Pharmacy, Psychological Sciences, Economics, Agriculture and others .

The most popular courses are Fundamental Medicine, Computer Science and Computer Technology, Pedagogical Sciences, Law, Economics and Management.

Recruitment for postgraduate studies is conducted in 24 areas and 55 educational programs for full-time education and in 20 areas and 46 educational programs for distance learning.

The deadline for accepting the documents required for full-time admission is 08/10/2019, the completion date of university entrance examinations is 08/17/2019.

BelSU, having the status of a national research university, has a developed system of postgraduate studies in 24 areas of training and 63 educational programs, and a unique basis has been established for conducting research in various fields. In 2017, the university was included in the number of Russian universities that received the right to independently award academic degrees of candidate and doctor of science, as well as create dissertation councils and establish their credentials. Now there are 20 dissertation councils at the university.

Studying for postgraduate programs at the Belgorod University is invaluable research skills, optimal conditions for defending a Ph.D. thesis and a start for successful career growth in scientific institutions.

Detailed information about the admission of documents, areas of training and dissertation councils can be found on the website. Telephones for information: 8 (4722) 30-10-35; 30-10-36; 30-10-99

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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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