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BelSU continues to recruit students for new areas of undergraduate education - "Biotechnical Systems and Technologies" and "Landscape Architecture" and the Master's program "Cognitive neuroscience and neurotechnology."

Belgorod State University is recruiting bachelors in new promising areas:

- "Biotechnical systems and technologies" - a unique direction of undergraduate, combining the study of natural and technical sciences. Graduates of this direction will become qualified engineers who are ready to create and maintain medical devices and systems, conduct biomedical research, develop software systems, work in digital health systems. Upon graduation from the bachelors program, graduates of biotechnology will be able to work in industrial, research, design and medical organizations.

- "Landscape architecture" - the direction of a bachelor degree, whose students study the proper planning and arrangement of the external environment. Landscape architecture specialists create comfortable public spaces, design land plots, parks, gardens and recreation areas. Graduates of this course work in project, state and private organizations, landscape bureaus, conduct their own design projects.

A new Master's program Cognitive neuroscience and neurotechnology has been opened at BelSU at the direction of preparation Psychology. The program trains specialists in interdisciplinary competencies in neuroscience: from neurophysiology to neuroinformatics and intelligent robotics. Graduates of this program will be able to develop innovative products and systems using neurotechnologies, create neurogadgets and robots, bionic prostheses and intelligent systems.

Documents of applicants entering the full-time undergraduate program will be accepted until July 26; masters program - until August 10. You can learn about the number of places and conditions of admission on BelSU website.

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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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