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Victory on the Island 10-22

Representatives of BelSU showed the best result in the business game GT-R: Space

BelSU takes part in the educational intensive "Island 10-22", organized for leaders in the field of education.

The team of the Belgorod State University at the educational intensive are represented by: Alexander Mamatov, Alexey Khmyrov, Albina Buchek, Konstantin Teterin, Alexander Nemtsev, Natalya Govorukha, Vladimir Belenko, Marina Nazarenko, Sergey Nemtsev and Maxim Semibratsky. Representatives of the university showed the best result in the GT-R: Space business game, setting the Island 10-22, to which more than a thousand people arrived.

NB: GT-R: Space is a simulator that evaluates the level of teamwork, which is based on the role model of communications. The unique format of the simulator allows you to place a team in extreme conditions and in a short time to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the team and individual roles. At the first stage, the team participates in a game-imitation of the spacecraft control process. The second stage involves analyzing the level of teamwork effectiveness based on the results of the game session and developing a digital profile for the team.

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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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