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Postgraduate candidate exams can be taken externally.

The application of documents began for passing candidate exams at the postgraduate study of the Belgorod State University as an external student

Candidate exams are a form of intermediate certification in the development of programs for the preparation of scientific and pedagogical personnel in graduate school. The list of candidate exams includes: history and philosophy of science; foreign language; special discipline in accordance with the topic of the dissertation for the degree of candidate of sciences. Acceptance of documents for external studies will last until September 30. In Belgorod State Research University, one can not only pass candidate exams, but also defend a dissertation with a dissertation council, which has the necessary scientific specialty. Belgorod State University has 20 dissertation councils, and the university itself can independently award the degree of candidate and doctor of sciences, as well as create dissertation councils and establish their authority.

Detailed information on admission to the postgraduate study of Belgorod State University can be found on the website in the section for the applicant and in the department of training highly qualified personnel.

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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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