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The delegation of BelSU has visited Karelia

Students and teachers of the historical-philological and socio-theological faculties made an educational and pilgrimage trip to the Republic of Karelia and the Arkhangelsk region

The trip included acquaintance with religious, secular, natural and ethno-cultural objects of the region. It was organized on the initiative of the rector Oleg Polukhin in the framework of the Belgorod branch of the Byzantine club and with the direct assistance of the director of the Museum of History of Belgorod State University Irina Denisova. On the first day, the participants learned the features of local national cuisine and were able to try their hand at playing the Karelian musical instrument kantele. Then they went on a tour of the Kivach Biosphere Reserve and examined the ancient frozen volcanoes in the Girvas National Park.

On the last day, a trip to the old Finnish territories was made, where students visited memorial complexes in memory of the participants of the Winter War of 19391940. After that, the participants went to the island of Valaam to get acquainted with the history and monuments of "North Athos".

Such educational trips are a frequent practice of the Belgorod State University, which helps students get acquainted with the history and culture of their country and other countries, deepening students' interest in the historical heritage and cultivating professional qualities.

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