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Enrollment in master's and postgraduate studies

More than 1000 applicants with higher education will continue their studies at the university under the programs of scientific and pedagogical training

Today, the rector of the Belgorod State University Oleg Polukhin, signed orders on the admission of applicants to the magistracy and graduate school of BelSU. 868 applicants entered the magistracy, 167 people became graduate students of the university. In total, during the 2019 admission campaign, at present, 1394 and 296 people have submitted documents to the magistracy and postgraduate studies of Belgorod State University;

The most popular areas of master's training were: Management, Foreign Philology, Physical Education, Pedagogical Technologies in Physical Education and Law.

Among future graduate students, the most popular areas were those related to economics and management, jurisprudence, physical education and sports, medicine, earth sciences, sociology, philosophy, computer science and computer technology.

Admission of applicants for all levels of education, except secondary vocational education will continue until September 7.

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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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