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Forming the civic identity

Associate Professor of BelSU Sergey Lebedev took part in a scientific and practical seminar in the format of the conference Formation of the foundations of Russian civic identity in a modern school

The scientific forum was held as part of the project of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation at the Russian State University (Oryol). The scientific and practical seminar brought together representatives of the executive branch of government in the field of education, representatives of religious, social and patriotic organizations, cultural, sports and art workers, leaders and teachers of educational institutions.

Participants discussed the problems of building a civic identity in a modern Russian school and developing a model for overcoming them. BelSU was represented by professor, head of the laboratory "Sociology of Religion and Culture" of BelSU International Center for Sociological Research Sergey Lebedev, who gave a lecture on the topic "Religious and secular in the educational reflection of religion."

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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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