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New knowledge for school staff

Soft skills training for school principals and their deputies has started in BelSU Open engineering school

Representatives of more than 50 educational institutions of the Belgorod Region undergo training at the open engineering school of Belgorod State University. During the week, school principals and their deputies learn the basics of lean management and the application of this practice in their work. The program of classes includes the development of social skills among students.

The director of the open engineering school, Olga Khudasova, said that diplomas, certificates and work experience are important when deciding on a job, but the level of development of mental skills, which are more social than technical, are now moving into more popular characteristics of the workforce.

Today, the level of soft skills development is predominant than the narrow technical hard skills, since it is less expensive and faster to teach hard skills than to instill and develop soft skills, and the employee must have deep knowledge in areas of lean management. Only such a specialist will be appreciated in the market, said Olga Khudasova.

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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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