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A meeting of the Council on Scientific, Innovation and Production Activities of BelSU took place at the University

The Belgorod State University hosted the first meeting of the Council on Scientific, Innovation and Production Activities this year under the chairmanship of the Rector of the Belgorod State University, Professor Oleg Polukhin.

The members of the council discussed the organization of activities at the site of the Technological Park High Technologies of BelSU. Director of the Techpark Gennady Vendin told how this innovative production site is developing today. He noted that the Techpark was created with the aim of ensuring the activities of university scientists, assisting in the development, production, implementation and launch of innovative high-tech products and technologies created by the research departments of the university. The structure of the Techpark includes laboratories, MIPs, the Engineering Center, experimental production sites and the Center for Collective

At a meeting of the council, the issue of prospects for the development of a scientific and design center for cognitive sciences and neurotechnologies, created in January this year, was also considered. The head of the NeuroNet Center, Maria Sitnikova, said that modern high-tech scientific and scientific-educational equipment was purchased, scientific projects and developments are being carried out, including with the Russian academic sector, and international scientific cooperation is developing with partner universities in Germany and Hungary. Maria Alexandrovna emphasized the development of partnerships with subjects of the real sector of the economy in the field of bio-neuroengineering, neuromarketing and neurophysitics, emphasizing that these are promising areas that are consistent with the objectives of the national technological initiative. According to the head of the marketing department of Orange Island Group of Companies Andrei Nikin, the potential available at the NeuroNet Center, including equipment, will allow the university to become a leader among competitors, becoming a technological base for scientific research by young scientists.

Summing up the discussion, BeSU State University Rector Oleg Polukhin instructed to work out ways to solve problematic issues related to the further development of the NeuroNet Center, and also expressed a desire to increase the performance indicators of employees on publication activity and grant activity.

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