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Tajik community gathers friends

The new season of BelSU Center for Intercultural Communication began with the festive event - Independence Day of Tajikistan  

The event of the Tajik community gathered curators and students of the communities of India, Africa, Latin America, Arab countries, Vietnam, China, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan and, of course, students from Russia. Mirzoanis Yakubov, a student at the Institute of Social Sciences and Mass Communications, made a presentation in which he talked about how the Tajik Soviet Socialist Republic became the Republic of Tajikistan in 1991, what positive and sad consequences of independence the country experienced, and most importantly, what the current independent and sovereign Tajikistan is like.

The guests of the center were introduced to the types of national dances, Tajik poetry, students of the Tajik community performed an incendiary dance fashion show-medley.

During the event, a large number of stereotypes about Tajikistan and its people were debunked. Mirzoanis Yakubov spoke about the funniest and most enduring of them. The organizers of the holiday held a quiz for students about the sights, cultural features and important historical pages of the republic.

Representatives of the community activists invited to visit a beautiful mountainous country, talking about the hospitality and the cultural wealth of the Tajik people. At the end of the event, guests tasted the national cuisine.

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