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The symbiosis of science and production

Scientists of BelSU conduct breeding work on the creation of honey plants

Professor Elena Dumacheva, Head of BelSU Department of Biology told about the selection of honey-bearing crops at a meeting of the scientific and production platform of the REC Innovative Solutions in the Agro-Industrial Complex, which was chaired by the Governor of the region Yevgeny Savchenko. According to Elena Dumacheva, the species diversity of crops valuable for beekeeping has sharply decreased in Belgorod Region. The professor also noted that the university is actively breeding under the guidance of Professor Vladimir Chernyavsky on the basis of the Department of Biology of the Institute of Pharmacy of Chemistry and Biology and the Botanical Garden of Belgorod State University.

To date, two varieties of tansy tansy have been bred (Militsa, Dana), one variety of sweet clover (Varvarovsky), a variety of hyssop officinalis (Volokonovsky), two varieties of white clover (Krasnoyaruzhsky, Ilyok), a variety of meadow clover (Stepnyak), three varieties of alfalfa ( Belgorod, Krasnoyruzhskaya, Krasnoyruzhskaya), work is being carried out with sainfoin sand, research has begun on the source material of sage species.

The symbiosis of science and production on the platforms of selective applied and biological fundamental science of the REC will save biodiversity of pollinators not only in the region but throughout Europe, said Elena Dumacheva.

The partner of the university in this matter is the Shebekinsky scientific and technical center Bio. NRU "BelSU" in the framework of the REC "Innovative Solutions in the AIC" is developing technologies for the production of microbiological fertilizers for plant growth and development. According to Elena Vladimirovna, at present, technologies are being developed for honey plants and entomyophiles to control their growth and development on the basis of phytobiotics and microbiological fertilizers, which will allow to obtain high-quality nectar and pollen.

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