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BelSU retained its presence in the Times Higher Education rating

Times Higher Education (THE) is an international rating agency, published an annual ranking of universities, analyzing data from more than 1300 universities from 92 countries

BelSU has retained its presence in the ranking, although it has moved from category 801-1000 to category 1001+. In many ways, this state of affairs arose in connection with the drop in the citation index from 28.5 to 20.4.

This year, the ranking included 4 Russian universities more than last year (39 universities). The following universities of the Russian Federation were included in the ranking for the first time: St. Petersburg State Mining (position 801-1000); Bashkir State University (1001+); South Ural State University (1001+) and Ufa State Aviation Technical University (1001+).

Five universities of the Russian Federation improved their positions in the ranking, but seven moved to lower positions. Almost half of Russian universities (17 universities) retained their positions in the category 1001+.

For the fourth year in a row, Oxford University (Great Britain) has retained first place in the overall picture of the rating, followed by California State University (USA) and Cambridge University (Great Britain).

US universities continue to dominate the overall rating grid: a total of 172 American universities were ranked, while the top 200 included 60 universities from this country. At the same time, Asian universities continue to increase their presence in the ranking (in particular, their number in the TOP-200 doubled to 24 universities).

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