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International Symposium of Physicists at Belgorod State University

The 13th international symposium RREPS-19 started at Belgorod State University. It was organized by BelSU, the National Research Nuclear University MEPhI and Tomsk Polytechnic University

Physicists from leading universities in Russia and the world gathered at Belgorod State University at the XIII international symposium "Radiation of Relativistic Electrons in Periodic Structures" "RREPS-19". The scientific forum is held once every two years. It is traditionally attended by leading experts from many countries in the field of processes of radiation of charged particles in various structures and media, in the field of particle beam physics and accelerator physics, as well as in related fields. It was held in Russia, UK, the Czech Republic, Germany, and other countries. For the first time, this prestigious forum is organized at the Belgorod State National Research University.

Among the participants of the symposium are Valery Serbo, doctor of physical and mathematical sciences, professor of Novosibirsk State University, Xavier Artru, professor of the French National Center for Scientific Research, Institute of Physics 2 infinis, deputy director for accelerator research at the Kurchatov Institute national research center Timur Kulevoi, Director of the Laboratory of the Italian National Nuclear Institute Sultan Dabagov, Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, professor of BelSU Alexander Kubankin and others.

Symposium participants on behalf of the rector, Professor Oleg Polukhin and the whole staff of BelSU were welcomed in English by the Vice-Rector for International Cooperation Vladislav Kuchmisty. He noted that the physics of radiation from relativistic particles is one of the priority research areas at the Belgorod State University over the past decades. Now one of the three centers of excellence of the university, the Research Institute of Materials Science and Innovative Technologies, is engaged in solving urgent problems in this area. Today, 5 doctors of sciences, 22 candidates work here, graduate students and university students are involved.

The International Symposium Radiation of Relativistic Electrons in Periodic Structures is aimed at developing regional and international scientific cooperation, as well as creating conditions for the exchange of research results between Russian scientists and leading world-class experts and the promotion of Russian science in leading world research projects. The scientific content of the symposium is based on the latest research results on the mechanisms of electromagnetic radiation generation by beams of accelerated charged particles. Traditionally, this topic is one of the most dynamically developing in view of the many applications of the processes under study in science, industry and medicine.

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