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New horizons for cooperation with China

The delegation of BelSU visited the Liaoning Technical University (People's Republic of China)

The representatives of BelSU made an official visit to the Liaoning Technical University (People's Republic of China), dedicated to the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the university.

The delegation of the university, consisting of the director of the Institute of Earth Sciences Ignat Ignatenko, professor of the Department of Applied Geology and Mining Elena Ermolovich, senior researcher at the laboratory of bulk nanostructured materials, Professor Sergey Zherebtsov, head of the center for diagnostics of the structure and properties of nanomaterials Professor Oleg Ivanov, took part in official events dedicated to the anniversary celebrations and held a number of working meetings with colleagues from the Liaoning Technical University (LTU). During the meetings, discussions took place on further steps to strengthen the interaction of the two universities in the direction of international mobility of students and teachers, the possibility of joint training of graduate students and participation in grants of Russian and Chinese scientific foundations.

During the three days of their stay on the LTU campus, the teachers of BelSU got acquainted with the material and technical base of the institutes of mining, ecology and safety in the mining industry, visited dormitories for foreign students and cultural, educational and sports facilities. They met with students of BelSU Institute of Engineering and Digital Technologies, who are at LTU for semester studies.

A presentation was prepared for material scientists on the capabilities of the Institute of Materials Science of the Liaoning Technical University, the results obtained and potential areas for cooperation between the two universities. As a result of the working meeting, an agreement was reached on the participation of graduate students in joint research and the creation of working groups for the preparation of joint grant applications.

The event ended with the official visit of BelSU delegation to the Liaoning Technical University. Mrs. Liang Bin thanked Belgorod State National Research University and personally rector Oleg Polukhin for their active cooperation in the field of training future engineers, and expressed confidence in the further development of bilateral relations between universities for the benefit of the development of the peoples of Russia and China.

At the end of the visit, the director of the Institute of Earth Sciences Ignat Ignatenko read out a congratulatory address and presented to Mrs. Liang Bin a picture of Belgorod State University.

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