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Students and teachers of BelSU at the Belgorod IT Forum

The III inter-regional IT-forum BIF-2019 brought together more than a thousand entrepreneurs, IT-specialists, freelancers, bloggers, students and all those who are interested in developing the IT-environment of the region

The inter-regional IT-forum BIF-2019 was held at the Belgorod State Philharmonic.

The forums speakers were Evgeny Bokshitsky, head of the hh.ru mobile services development group, Arseny Ashomko, ex-media product development director for VKontakte, Anton Morev, Wormsoft IT director, Anatoly Kapustin, producer of twitter and other famous IT people in the country.

Belgorod State University was represented at the forum by students and teachers of the Institute of Engineering and Digital Technologies.

The educational program of the forum took place in five areas and included communication with experts from leading IT companies of the country at a conference and in an informal setting, the work of sections, the exchange of experience and ideas.

Teachers and students of the institute visited an interactive exhibition and took part in Digitalsection and Developmentsection, which discussed the development prospects of the IT industry, modern trends in the field of digital solutions used by VKontakte, Avito, Skyeng, Gett, NGINX, Rosbank, ScrumTrek, as well as the Internet Initiatives Development Fund, the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Digital Development, Telecommunications and Mass Media.

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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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