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Representatives of BelSU at the International Scientific Conference on Geography

The 10th Annual Scientific Assembly of the Association of Russian Geographers and Social Studies took place in Tatarstan

Within the framework of the anniversary assembly on the basis of Kazan Federal University, the International Scientific Conference "Social Geography in a Changing World: Fundamental and Applied Research" was held. Participants of the scientific forum were representatives of 38 regions of Russia and 12 countries of the world.

At the opening ceremony of the assembly, the president of the Association of Russian Geographers and Social Studies (ARGO), director of the North Caucasus Research Institute of Economic and Social Problems of the Southern Federal University, professor of the Baltic Federal University Alexander Druzhinin addressed the audience with welcoming words.

The program of events included a meeting of the governing bodies of the association, the presentation of new professional literature, a seminar for young geographers and a number of thematic round tables focused on the implementation of special research projects, including in collaboration with colleagues from Turkey , Japan, Poland, Serbia, Slovakia, Bulgaria and neighboring countries.

BelSU was represented at the forum by associate professors of the Department of Natural Resources and Land Cadastre of the Institute of Earth Sciences, candidates of geographical sciences Nadezhda Chugunova, Nina Sazonova, Tatyana Polyakova, Antonina Mitryaykina and chairman of the student scientific society INOZ, 2nd year undergraduate student Ilya Romanov.

Belgorod scientists participated in the round table Development of Russian regions: opportunities and risks in the context of the deepening conflict in the Russia-West system and the formation of Greater Eurasia. Representatives of the Belgorod State Research University took part in the sections Dynamics of socio-geographical systems and the evolution of the geographical picture of the world and Ethnodemographic and sociocultural aspects of the territorial organization of society, where they presented their own reports on the subject of scientific research.

Graduate student Ilya Romanov took part in a seminar for young geographers-social scientists. The report of Ilya Romanov Revitalization of Belgorod in the context of the urban ecological system of neo-urbanism revealed the contemporary features of the development of the urban ecosystem of the regional center in the context of geo-ecological instability and identified the main problems and trends of the new model of the spatial organization of settlement under the conditions of neo-urbanism. The organizing committee praised the performance of the young scientist.

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