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Belgorod State University Continues Its Rise

The 2020 QS International Rating Agency recently published its annual ranking of universities in the Emerging Economies in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, compiling data from 354 universities in the 28 countries in the region. Our University is in 167th place overall

This year, the survey expanded to include 53 more HE institutions. 105 of the 117 universities in Russia achieved ranking status, and we placed 34th. We showed an improvement in 5 of the 10 areas assessed by QS. These were 'Academic Reputation', 'Citations per Scientific Research Journal', 'Number of Articles per Scientific Research Journal', 'International Cooperation', and 'Student-Teacher Ratio', where we climbed from 148th to 132nd. In 'Number of Foreign Students', we continue to be in 28th in the region, a significant result. This is in line with the aims of the Federal Government. Mikhail Kotyukov, Minister of Science and Higher Education, had this to say on the subject,

In addition to the task of doubling the number of foreign students in the next 5 years, the key for us is the calibre of students. We want to attract talented young people to the country, which will create employment in Russia through the growth of income from the export of educational services. We consider the export of education as a fully-fledged sphere of economic activity. With such high competition in the global education market today, the search for unique educational niches and the development of competitive products is not an easy task. This is a challenge for the country and every university. Thanks to the resources allocated to the 'Education' and 'Science' national projects, we are able to approach working with various groups of foreign applicants in a nuanced and sensitive manner, which is extremely important. In addition, we are providing for the continuous training of teachers, and further development of infrastructure in universities and cities. All this can be counted as an investment in the 'Russian Education' brand, which, in the near future, should regain the lead in the most prestigious world ratings.

 Translated by I P Turner, Centre for Foreign Languages and Academic Writing


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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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