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A Visit from China

A delegation from China Petroleum University visited Belgorod State University to celebrate 15 years of cooperation, and to develop even closer ties

Dr Wang Xuedong, Deputy Director of the Institute of Humanities at China Petroleum University (CPU), was accompanied by several colleagues. CPU is considered China's leading institute for educating Oil & Gas industry workers. Professor Oleg Polukhin, Rector of Belgorod State University, toured the facilities, and gave our guests an overview of our work. He then formally welcomed them, saying,

At present, our work with China Petroleum University is limited to the academic exchange of students and teachers. Given the similarity of our universities in structure, this cooperation could develop even more actively in other areas. Today, 163 students from the Peoples Republic of China are studying at Belgorod State University. I think this figure should be much larger. And in this we are supported by the Chinese Embassy in Russia.

The Rector was referring to a recent visit of Chinese Embassy officials to the University. He detailed instructions for this expansion of cooperation.

Dr Wang said that CPU had sent 300 students to study in Belgorod since 2005, and that these students had been among their most sought-after graduates. He hoped for a new cooperative agreement between our respective Law Faculties, especially where it involved law on regulating the energy sector. He had immediate agreement from Professor Evgeny Tonkov, the Dean of our Law Institute.

Deeper ties with China has been identified as a priority at every level of Federal Government, and Belgorod State University is playing a role in achieving this goal.

 Translated by I P Turner, Centre for Foreign Languages and Academic Writing

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