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Media Olympiad 2019

Alyona Khludeeva, a student from Belgorod State University's Journalism Faculty, won first prize for her work at the 3-day festival for students of all things media-related, hosted in Tver

Ms Khludeeva was accompanied by fellow students Anna Mishina and Pavel Manchenko. The festival was a chance to meet professional people involved in all aspects of the media, with camera operators, editors, journalists, and even bloggers, divulging the tricks of the trade. It attracted students from across the Russian Federation, and is a typical example of the kind of event that enriches the lives of students here.

Our team was split up, and Ms Khludeeva was involved in a project to produce a short piece entitled 'Heroes of Labour', which won the grand prize. The piece will now be aired on the national channels, First Student Channel, and Enlightenment, and on local TV and student TV channels across the country

 Translated by I P Turner, Centre for Foreign Languages and Academic Writing

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