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Foreign Language Song Festival

Belgorod State University's Pedagogical Institute hosted the annual Regional competition for schoolchildren, and it was all organised by the students! (With a little help from their friends...)

The competition is organised by final-year teaching students as part of their Teaching Practice assessment. Kristina Koltunova was this year's director, supported by the Institute and the local Trade Union, whose members became judges at the competition.

This year 135 children took part, from all age groups. Prizes were awarded by category, and the entertainment never stopped, as when the children were not performing, the University's 'Orange' dance troupe provided a professional number or two. The only stipulation was that the performances had to be in a foreign language.

No-one left empty handed and the event was a success. Proof of the competence of our graduating students, and the talent of our Region's children.

 Translated by I P Turner, Centre for Foreign Languages and Academic Writing

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