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A Visit from Cambridge University Press

Belgorod State University organised an open event for English speaking professionals and students of English at the University, in partnership with the 'Linguist Centre' of Voronezh and professionals from Cambridge University Press

The development of English skills is taken extremely seriously at our University, as witnessed by the attendance of Vice-Rector Dr Alexander Mamatov, whose enthusiasm for this event has seen it repeated for the last several years. The level of English among the senior management at the University is generally high, and Dr Mamatov looks to promote the studying of English at every opportunity.

Participants from across the Region came to hear CUP's Claire Barnes talk about methodology, and developments in the learning process of English, as well as a guide to studying English in the most productive manner. Professor Lyudmila Gorodetskaya, of Moscow State University, gave a run-down of the latest Cambridge University Press materials, and Lilia Ayatskova, from the Linguist Centre, updated participants on changes to assessments and exams. The event was organised with efficiency and enthusiasm by Dr Larisa Tsurikova, Director of the University's Centre for Foreign Languages and Academic Writing, who recognises the importance of English as a means of global communication. She explained,

Such meetings help professionals and students of all ages understand the current trends in teaching English in the world. This allows them to focus on these when organising the educational process, which, in turn, allows for the achievement of better results. This insight is indispensable when seeking to pass international exams.

 Translated by I P Turner, Centre for Foreign Languages and Academic Writing

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