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Potanin Scholarship Graduates

The Potanin Foundation awards scholarships to financially poor but gifted students. As the time for applications begins, Dr Svetlana Stenyushkina and Anna Orlova, Belgorod State University graduates, and Potanin Scholars, came back to talk to the next group of graduates about its benefits

Dr Stenyushkina is now working in higher education, and is a colleague in the Economics and Management Institute. She explained that without the grant, many of the projects that gave her the edge, would have been unavailable to her. As a Potanin Scholar, she did not feel financial pressure experienced by many of her peers, and a few doors were left ajar, that may have been closed to others. She feels strongly that her life would have turned out differently but for the award.

As for Ms Orlova, it was a similar story. She graduated from the Department of Journalism, and now works in Moscow as a marketing manager for a food company. For her, the funding allowed her creative juices to flow, and the status opened doors into her dream job. Both ladies encouraged students to apply.

For more information, check out the Potanin Foundation website, or contact our University by email at NIRS@bsu.edu.ru

 Translated by I P Turner, Centre for Foreign Languages and Academic Writing

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