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Flexing Their Rhetorical Skills

Dmitry Arkatov and Oleg Ugrimov, students of Political Science at Belgorod State University went to Tver to impress participants in the 2nd annual 'Free Dialogue on the Volga' Political Science conference

The event is organised by the Council of Young Political Scientists of the Russian Association of Political Science, and our team was sponsored by the University Trade Union. The conference involves some senior figures from academia and the government. No political subject goes undiscussed, and Mr Arkatov spoke on 'Ideas of Digital Democracy and the Instrumentation for Measuring It', in the 'Digitalisation of Political and Economic Processes' section. His work was impressive enough to warrant inclusion in the official works of the conference. Mr Ugrimov spoke at the 'Trends in the Development of Global Integration Projects' section. Talk revolved around topics including: the Eurasian Economic Union as Russia's response to foreign policy challenges; the pros and cons of the digital economy; the use of open data in the information space for the implementation of public control; and internet security.

Belgorod State University takes every opportunity it can to involve its students in conferences deemed beneficial for their development.

 Translated by I P Turner, Centre for Foreign Languages and Academic Writing

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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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