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Sports Day for Physically Impaired Schoolchildren

Belgorod State University hosted a sports day involving three Paralympic medallists, for 90 teenagers from 12 to 18 with visual impairment, musculoskeletal damage and developmental problems

The Khorkina Sports Complex was the venue, and the event attracted participants from Lipetsk, Moscow and Belgorod Regions. The teenagers came with their carers, for whom it was a chance to socialise and share their experiences. The Sports Day also served as a forum for specialists and professionals involved in social care and sports for the physically impaired. The Paralympic Committee expressed its gratitude to our University for supporting this annual event, through senior member Pavel Rozhkov, who awarded us with a Certificate of Merit.

The main sports events took place in the morning, with Paralympic athlete Rima Batalova, a 13-time gold-medallist in T12 Middle Distance Running, leading the exercises alongside 3-time gold-medallist P12 Sprinter and Pentathlete, Olga Semenova. Andrey Kuvaev, who won a Silver medal in the 2008 Paralympic Games as part of the football team, was on hand to organise the team games. After lunch, the activities continued with less strenuous efforts.

 Translated by Ian Turner, Belgorod State University

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