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Volunteer 2019

The Institute of Social Sciences and Mass Communication at Belgorod State University has been running a three-day course on volunteering for the last 6 years in conjunction with Kursk State University. It involves students learning from members of social organisations

This year's theme is about applying technology to child-centred projects. The 60 participants will hear from the Blue Bird Centre, who work with families of children on the autistic spectrum, the Multidisciplinary Rehabilitation Centre, the Rehabilitation Center for Children and Adolescents with Disabilities, the St. Belogorye Cancer Charity, the Exit Belgorod Autism Charity Fund, and the Centre for Physically Impaired Sport. This year, the 'Factory of Innovative Technology' has brought its expertise to the course.

This is typical of the events organised by departments across the University. The leadership expects the staff to provide stimulating learning environments for the students, and a broad set of contacts in their chosen field of study. Sharing resources through partnership, and contact with the local community are regarded as very desirable traits in any program.

 Translated by Ian Turner, Belgorod State University

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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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