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Students Go to India

Georgy Buziashvili and Vadim Leukhin went to Ghaziabad, in Uttar Pradesh, for the 'Innompic 2019' technology festival held at the KIET Institute. Both students are studying Management and Marketing at Belgorod State University

This is the 3rd time that the event has been held, and although it is a fairly modest affair, it drew participation from as far afield as Malaysia and Moscow. It gave our students a chance to show off their skills. On the first day, they had to submit a video business card, and give a presentation to a jury of experts. The second day involved making a two-minute pitch for business, involving much verbal dexterity. The next couple of days were devoted to presenting their 'Innotutor' app, which is designed to help innovators organise the business and commercial side of their idea. Mr Buziashvili explained,

The product can be used with smart-glasses and a microphone, or a VR headset, or a smart-phone. This product has many features. For example, it can provide instant access to global scientific information, databases, and research. It also works as a simultaneous translator for texts in any language, which has obvious advantages for users in one-to-one situations.

The University is committed to broadening students' horizons, and rewarding excellence with unforgettable experiences.

 Translated by I P Turner, Belgorod State University

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