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Gold Medal at the Paris Innovation Salon

Belgorod State University's Professor Irina Batlutskaya was honoured by the jury of the Eiffel Grand Prix. Her project uses completely organic methods to fertilize seedlings in a nursery before transplanting to fields

Dr Batlutskaya explains,

The recipe for a complex bioorganic fertilizer for vegetable seedlings is based on the integrated action of a probiotic and prebiotics. The fertilizer contains lyophilised microbial cultures and natural organic components that accelerate plant development by 12-15 percent and strengthen plants before planting in open ground. The developed fertilizer complies with the principles of organic farming. We used only natural micro-organisms and organic compounds useful for the land and for the plants. Micro-organisms in the fertilizer contain microflora healthy to humans.

The method is quick and simple to assess and use, non-toxic, and has a low carbon-footprint. It will increase food yields by strengthening the plants prior to the rigours of outdoor planting.

 Translated by I P Turner, Belgorod State University

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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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