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New research with the participation of NRU BelSU scientists was conducted at CERN

NRU BelSU scientists have initiated an experiment at the European Organization for Nuclear Research which may result in creation of applicable sources of soft -rays

Preparatory works for the research of Cherenkov radiation in X-ray range have been carried out at the linear accelerator CLEAR at CERN (Geneva, Switzerland). The experiment was initiated by NRU BelSU scientists - Head of the International Scientific and Educational Laboratory of Radiation Physics at NRU "BelSU" Doctor of Physics and Mathematics Alexander Kubankin and Junior Researcher of the Laboratory, Candidate of Physics and Mathematics Ivan Kishchin, who, together with colleagues from CERN and John Adams Institute for Accelerator Science (Oxford, UK) participated in the preparation of an experimental setup for the study, scheduled for September. Cherenkov radiation is well studied in the optical range, but remains an open problem for X-ray range waves. NRU BelSU scientists proposed to investigate the absolute yield of Cherenkov radiation photons in the soft region of X-ray radiation, as well as to experimentally verify the predicted effect of the transformation of the Cherenkov radiation cone, accompanied by an increase in the angular density of radiation.

- Cherenkov radiation has high intensity and monochromaticity, so it can be used to create applicable sources of soft x-ray radiation - said Alexander Kubankin.

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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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