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Scientists of the NRU "BelSU" proposed a pharmaceutical formula for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases in women

NRU "BelSU" pharmacologists together with Kursk scientists conducted preclinical studies of the pharmaceutical formula aimed at treatment and prevention of cardiovascular diseases in women during menopause.

Statistics show that in women of reproductive age, cardiovascular diseases are less common than in men. Scientists attribute this to gender differences based on the combined expression of genetic and hormonal differences between men and women. International studies confirm the influence of sex hormones on the functional state of all organs and systems, including the cardiovascular system. Oxidative stress and endothelial dysfunction are the key factors involved in the macrovascular disease pathogenesis.

Scientists are researching the possibility of treating cardiovascular diseases and their complications in women during menopause using estrogens and their synthetic and natural analogues.

The NRU "BelSU" Scientific Research Institute of Pharmacology of Living Systems has experimentally proved that a formula containing furostanol glycosides (substances of plant origin) reduces the risk of endothelial dysfunction associated with the decrease in the female hormones level. The composition is obtained from the cell culture of the Red Book plant Dioscorea, known for its healing properties.

-Based on the obtained data, it can be assumed that the use of furostanol glycosides can slow down or prevent the formation of endothelial dysfunction and cardiovascular diseases in women during menopause, - says Mikhail Korokin, professor of pharmacology and clinical pharmacology, MD.

It was also proved that the use of the formula can lead to a significant correction of endothelial dysfunction and arterial hypertension.

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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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