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NRU "BelSU" entered the TOP-75 most influential universities of Russia

RAEX rating agency has compiled the first Russian universities influence rating where Belgorod State University is ranked 72nd

The new RAEX ranking includes just 75 universities according to their impact on society. Experts took into account the contribution of the university to the formation of elites, its role in the scientific community, the authority of the university among young people and the impact on the Internet audience. According to the results of the rating, Lomonosov Moscow State University was recognized as the most influential university in Russia. The rating includes three universities in the Central Black Earth region: Voronezh State University (52nd place), Belgorod State University (72nd place), Voronezh State Medical University named after N.N. Burdenko (74th place). However, Belgorod State University takes 27th place in the Russian Federation according to the impact on the scientific community (the number of scientific publications and citations), 57th place according to the impact on the Internet audience (the number of subscribers on social networks, universitys website and its Wikipedia page visitors), and 70th place in terms of credibility among young people (USE admission score, tuition costs, the number of Olympiad winners).

- We have reached these high positions thanks the achievements of our scientists, their high publication activity and participation in international scientific projects of the MegaScience class. At the same time, we have every chance to advance in the influence on the scientific community category in the future, being the primary university of the Belgorod Region scientific and educational center, - commented the NRU "BelSU" Rector, Professor Oleg Polukhin.

He also noted that the NRU BelSU focuses in its educational policies on the development of students' entrepreneurial initiative, project management skills, and the involvement of young people in scientific activities. This increases the graduates` labor market competitiveness, contributes to their career growth and will be reflected in the following ratings.



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