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Successful debut

Scientific projects of the NRU BelSU became prize winners of the International Salon of Inventions and Innovative Technologies "Archimedes"

Medication - enterosorbent based on the montmorillonite mineral modified with silver ions and Mayonnaise sauce using plant structure forming agents and enriched with a nanostructured biologically active additive are among the work products of the scientists the NRU Belsu Institute of Pharmacy, Chemistry and Biology. They were presented at the International Exhibition for the first time and were awarded with prestigious awards: an honorary diploma with a silver medal, and an honorary diploma with a bronze medal. Among the winners are also the project of the Institute of Engineering and Digital Technologies Digital UV-communication module (awarded with an honorary diploma with a silver medal) and the interdisciplinary project of the Medical Institute and Student Robotics and Mechatronics Design Office Mechanotherapy device for contractures of various genesis (marked honorary diploma with a bronze medal). The NRU BelSU works were presented for the International Salon in correspondence form.

The silver award of the NRU BelSU chemists who have developed a new drug - an enterosorbent based on the mineral montmorillonite modified with silver ions is symbolic. According to the project manager, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Alexander Vezentsev, the introduction of silver ions in the drug composition allows expanding the spectrum of enterosorbent`s pharmacological effect and ensures its high antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral activity. The innovative product of the NRU BelSU scientists, which became the Salon of Inventions bronze medalist, is also focusing on improving the quality of life of people who care about their health. The mayonnaise sauce developed at the Department of Food Technology can become an irreplaceable part of the vegetarians and vegans grocery basket, as well as those who pay attention to the products ingredients, keep the fast or, for example, are allergic to egg white.

- Mayonnaise sauce consists exclusively of products of plant origin, is produced using a structure forming agent of plant origin and can be characterized by increased biological value, explains the Head of the Department of Food Technology, Ph.D., Associate Professor Nina Myachikova.

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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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