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Scientists have identified the genotype that increases the risk of ischemic stroke in people exposed to stress

The NRU BelSU scientists together with colleagues from the Kursk State Medical University proved stress to be one of the causes of hypertension affected ischemic stroke

Scientists conducted a study and proved that chronic stress can lead to ischemic stroke. Stress affects the interaction of individual polymorphic loci of MMP genes thus playing a significant role in ischemic strokes progression.

- In stroke, a cascade of neuro-inflammatory reactions is launched, the key point of which is the release of the so-called matrix metalloproteinase (MMP) - protein that correlates with the development of cerebral stroke. In addition to genetic factors, the formation of this cerebrovascular disease is affected by environmental factors, for example, chronic emotional stress. Long-term psycho-emotional stress leads to a change in the biochemical composition and the amount of electrolytes in the blood, thrombosis and suppression of the immune system, said Mikhail Churnosov, the NRU BelSU professor, MD.

Scientists analyzed the screening results of 830 patients. It is noteworthy that the groups of stroke patients with hypertension and patients with hypertension did not differ in age and gender composition, body mass index, but had significant differences in blood pressure and exposure to stress. Professor Mikhail Churnosov notes that the disease progression in stressed individuals with hypertension and in patients without stress occurs under the influence of different MMP polymorphic loci.

Our studies with colleagues from Kursk provided data that the genotype GG rs11568818 of the MMP7 gene is a stroke risk factor in patients exposed to stress, summarizes Mikhail Ivanovich.


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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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