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The Young Researchers School - 2020 opened at the NRU BelSU

Classes for beginner researchers will be held in online format

The traditional project of the NRU BelSU Student Research Society was launched with the support of the Students` Scientific Research Department (SSRD) and SSRD young scientists. The opening was held online. Beginning researchers were welcomed by the Acting Chairman of the NRU BelSU SRS Dilara Mamedova and the SSRD Head Marianna Benyash. The meeting was moderated by Anna Kolmykova, a student at the Institute of Social Sciences and Mass Communications.

The Student Research Society team is doing everything for your successful introduction to science. You will be able to use all the wonderful opportunities created at this university, said Dilara Mamedova.

Marianna Benyash presented the School program, briefly talking about each thematic block. The program includes the basics of methodology of science, soft skills development, meetings with successful scientists and representatives of the university administration. All participants received a feedback form for making suggestions and additions to the School program. According to Marianna Valeryevna, the program is quite flexible, and this will allow taking all the suggestions into account. Classes are designed to last over an extended period of time and will be held online. You can enroll at the Young Researchers School or send questions regarding youth science via e-mail NIRS@bsu.edu.ru. Information updates can also be found in the Student Research Society community on VKontakte http://vk.com/sno_belgu and on the university website http://sno.bsu.edu.ru/

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