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The NRU BelSU introduces students to the cultural heritage of different countries

Belgorod University Center for Intercultural Communication, held an online event on the history of ancient peoples

The Center for Intercultural Communication continues a series of events dedicated to the cultural heritage of different peoples of the world. More than a thousand people participated in an online documentary film broadcast The golden age of ancient civilizations. Great nations. Arabs. The documentary tells about the origins of the world religion of Islam, about the architectural and cultural monuments, about the Arab scientists contribution to science, about the significance of the Arabic language as the language of science. The viewers noted the importance of understanding history and enriching the mankinds experience.

- Thanks to such events organized by the Center for Intercultural Communication, we have an opportunity to exchange views on the cultural heritage of peoples, as well as share experiences with many students from around the world. The NRU BelSU is an international university, and we are very happy to be educated here, said the Arab countries communitys elected head, a 3rd year student of the Medical Institute Al-Sawafi, Mohammed Falih Hadi.

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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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