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New ophthalmic agent for maintaining retinal health is being developed by the NRU BelSU pharmacologists

The drug improves blood circulation and increases the resistance of retinal tissues to ischemia

Pharmacological evaluation of a new ophthalmic agent in retinal ischemia-reperfusion simulation was carried out at the NRU BelSU Scientific Research Institute of Pharmacology of Living Systems. According to Anna Peresypkina, a professor at the NRU BelSU, retinal ischemia is a serious ophthalmic pathology that is often associated with microcirculatory disorders in the retinal vessels which over time can lead to serious complications. An experiment conducted by the NRU BelSU scientists showed that the use of a new molecule prevents the development of retinal ischemia. Due to the presence of two pharmacophores in the composition, the retinoprotective effect of the substance exceeds that of nicotinic acid and emoxipine used together in the same dosage in medical practice, which makes the molecule unique.

- The use of the new substance helps prevent the development of retina ischemia. The effect of the drug led to an increase in the level of microcirculation in the retina to a normal value in laboratory rats, - said Anna Alexandrovna.

The effectiveness of the drug is also confirmed by the results of electrophysiological studies and obtained fundus images in experimental animals.

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