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The 2022 Hanseatic League Conference to be held at the NRU BelSU

Representatives of the Hanseatic League, co-founded by the NRU BelSU, discussed amendments to the League Charter and changes in the WURI rating at the III meeting

The University of Northern Arizona hosted the Hanseatic League online meeting. It was attended by the Rector of the Belgorod State University, Professor Oleg Polukhin and the Vice-rector for International Cooperation Vladislav Kuchmisty. The online meeting was also attended by the President of Hanze University of Applied Sciences (Netherlands) Henk Pijlman, the President of Tampere University of Applied Sciences (Finland) Markku Lahtinen, the President of Beijing Technology and Business University (China) Sun Baoguo and others. The meeting was chaired by Daniel Palm, Associate Vice President for Global Initiatives at the University of Northern Arizona, and Professor Dong-Sung Cho, President of Incheon National University.

Professor Cho spoke about the upcoming WURI ranking - World Universities in terms of impact on the society`s socio-economic development. The changes will expand the rating categories from 3 to 4: R&D results industrial application, Entrepreneurial spirit, Ethical values and Student mobility. Thus the rating will become more comprehensive, since main attention in the universities` social agenda will be given to universal human ethical values. Starting next year, the new ranking release will be carried out as part of the Hanseatic League University Conference. It should be noted that the NRU BelSU has presented the REC project World-class Research and Education Center Innovative Solutions in Agribusiness as an application for the ranking participation. Among the Hanseatic League`s results is the creation of the post of the Board of Directors` chairman, which is taken by the host university`s head. The decision to hold the 2022 conference at the NRU BelSU was made. The NRU BelSU Rector, Professor Oleg Polukhin, announced the creation of a working group on the IV conference of the Hanseatic League`s preparation.

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