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The NRU "BelSU" scientists have developed the most advanced gas consumption metering and monitoring system

The system is powered by solar panels and is capable of transmitting metrological data to remote terminals, even in desert environment.

The NRU "BelSU" developers equipped the latest metering system with a telemetry unit that transmits data over long distances. Its industrial flow meters allow to measure the full range of gases produced in countries rich in solar energy, especially in Central Asia.

- The developed installation is relevant not only for gas companies operating in hot climates. It can also be used in the process of oil production, for example, for measuring associated petroleum gas with gas cap expansion, - said Maxim Velichko, associate professor of the Department of Informatics, Natural Sciences and Teaching Methods, Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences at the Belgorod State University.

It should be noted, that in desert and semi-desert environment gas metering stations and gas distribution stations are located far away from each other and their maintenance and monitoring is very expensive. Due to frequent sandstorms, power outages occur very often. These issues can be easily solved by using the NRU "BelSU" scientists new technology: the newest gas metering stations are powered by solar panels. Moreover, the metering system is able to work for months without human interference, transmitting the necessary information about the gas environment parameters by using a telemetry unit. The use of solar panels can solve the problem of uninterrupted power supply to the system.

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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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