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NRU BelSU - a participant of all-Russian initiatives

Belgorod State University students participate in online marathons

Videos for the Russia1love and RussiaHelps initiatives are actively being posted by students in social networks with the same hashtag. Foreign university students also joined another initiative - more than 25 poems by E. Asadov, S. Yesenin, A. Pushkin and other authors have already been posted, as well as the song Oh, the viburnum blossoms in Chinese, performed by the NRU BelSU student from China (as part of the Great Songs of Great Russia initiative).

Among the published are the videos from the best students graduating this year: memories and impressions of Russia and the Belgorod State University from Khasun Mohammad, which he shot with the help from the Center for Intercultural Communications; Yevgeny Yevtushenkos poem White Snow Falls, read by Bsoul Manar. The impressions of Russia and congratulations on the holiday also came from the Center for Intercultural Communication activists, who made a special video introduced by the Medical Institute resident Denis Patricio Orozco Hernandez and last years graduate Sofia Geninska. All the videos can be found in the NRU BelSU official Vkontakte group.

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