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The NRU BelSU scientists have developed a new feed additives production technology

Biocomposite feed additive for farm animals and poultry, created as part of the REC Innovative Solutions in the Agro-Industrial Complex, neutralizes mycotoxins

Thanks to the Belgorod State University scientists' innovation, the problem of mycotoxins contaminated, poor-quality feed will be solved. All types of farm animals are susceptible to toxins: mucous tissues are affected in birds; digestive and reproductive functions are impaired in cattle and pigs.

- These disorders reduce the quality of livestock products and lead to an increase in cattle loss, - experts say.

A new technology for producing a biocomposite feed additive, patented by the NRU BelSU scientists, serves as a sorbent - mycotoxin neutralizer. According to Ulyana Krut, deputy director of the Institute of Pharmacy, Chemistry and Biology, Belgorod State University, Candidate of Biological Sciences, the biocomposite includes two components: microorganisms and bentonite minerals, which add up to synergistic effect in neutralizing mycotoxins. The positive effects complex of the biocomposition is due to the simple yet unique formulation.

- The combination of enriched and activated montmorillonite-containing clay with fodder yeast can minimize the side effect of montmorillonite on the nutrients sorption in feed, normalize metabolism in the animals gastrointestinal tract and increase the mycotoxins sorption, said Ulyana Aleksandrovna.

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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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