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A product for intestinal health has been created at the Belgorod State University

The NRU BelSU biotechnologists have created a probiotic seasoning mixture for improving intestinal microflora and preventing infectious diseases

The therapeutic mixture was developed at the international laboratory of applied biotechnology within the framework of the world level REC Innovative Solutions in the Agricultural Sector.

Head of the NRU BelSU international laboratory of applied biotechnology, professor Irina Batlutskaya notes that the product was developed using an optimized technology for identifying natural strains of microorganisms which includes the laboratory`s innovation - DNA amplicon solutions dialysis method performed in agarose gel.

People who take care of their health can include the dietary product in their diet on a regular basis. The probiotic mixture supports healthy microflora and protects the body from intestinal infections. According to scientists, the therapeutic product will be available with no less than three flavors. The NRU BelSU biotechnologists project will be presented at the end of July at the international inventions exhibition in Romania.

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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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