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The NRU "BelSU" - one of the most environmentally friendly universities in Russia

The Belgorod State University entered the TOP-10 of the first national ranking of green universities in Russia, taking the 9th place.

The green universities ranking is the first Russian higher education institutions ranking aimed at the formation of environmental culture and the introduction of green practices in the national universities activities.

The ranking takes in account three categories of data: information provided by universities, questionnaire data from students and academic staff of the university and expert community data, which evaluates profiles of participating universities.

For ranking participation the university provides general information, educational activities data, the administration's environmental education, student environmental initiatives, information coverage of the university's environmental initiatives, scientific publications on environmental topics, research in the field of ecology, as well as activities aimed at reduction of ecological footprint.

The first ten places in the ranking are mainly occupied by Russian agricultural and technical universities. The NRU BelSU scored 4959 points with 505 students and academic staff members taking part in the survey.

The ranking organization team has issued a manual How to make a university green and they also plan to prepare a monograph with scientific articles and practical cases on the ranking topics by the end of the year.

 Belgorod State University


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