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State exams completed at the NRU BelSU

5,237 graduates have received degrees, 1,300 of which have graduated with honors

The academic year has ended and more than 5 thousand graduates have left the Belgorod State University. Every fourth graduate has graduated with honors. Traditionally, the names of the NRU BelSU graduates are included in the collection The Best Graduates of Belgorod Region Higher Education Institutions, compiled by the regional Internal and Personnel Policy Department. This is unconditional evidence of the quality of education the university provides. It is applicable to both humanitarian and technical majors.

In 2020, 674 people completed their studies at the Medical Institute, 490 graduated from the Law Institute (127 with honors, that is, more than 25 percent). 626 people completed their studies at the Institute of Economics and Management. There are also 25 percent diplomas with honors. There are more than 1000 Pedagogical Institute graduates, 378 of which received diplomas with honors. This is the highest rate at the university.

The names of the best will be listed in the Golden Book of University Graduates. Graduation ceremonies are nearing completion and on July 10 an online graduation ceremony will be conducted and broadcasted on the NRU BelSU website.

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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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