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The admission campaign continues at BSU "BelSU"

As of July 9, more than 2,500 applicants had applied for all forms of education.

The most popular among applicants are pedagogical, legal, engineering, economic, managerial and medical areas of training.

About 600 people applied to the medical Institute for bachelor's degree and specialty, and almost 500 people applied to the bachelor's degree and specialty of the law Institute. About 300 applicants have expressed a desire to enter the Institute of engineering and digital technologies for full-time bachelor's and specialist's studies.

The Department of pre-University training and admission organization said that 32 popular medical specialties are available for training in the residency of BSU "BelSU". This year, the University provides 522 places for training in popular medical specialties, 147 of which are on a budget basis. Most of the budget places are available for targeted training in order to provide medical personnel to the regions of the Russian Federation.

To submit documents, you must create a personal account on the website of BSU "Belgu" and fill in all the necessary fields.

Note, that on the campus of the University on Studentskaya street, in front of the 1st building, there is a consultation point for admission to the University.

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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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