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NRU BelSU educate staff for the emerging jobs

BelSU bachelor program graduates will study for the emerging job in neurosciences when proceeding for the Master Degree Program in Cognitive Neurosciences and Neurotechnologies

Belgorod State University launched a new interdisciplinary master program in Cognitive Neurosciences and Neurotechnologies that was also supported by V. Potanin Welfare Foundation. The Program is available for the bachelor graduates specialized in psychology, biology, physics, computer sciences and medicine.

The Master diploma will open a good employment perspective in such jobs as a neurobiologist, neurophysiologist, neuropsychologist as well as in those related to design of bionic and neuro prosthetic devices. Besides, the graduates will have an opportunity to become successful neuro marketing professionals, designers of neurointerfaces and be able to create androids and work as virtuality architects.

The new Master program is focused on acquisition of in-demand interdisciplinary qualifications and skill in neurosciences starting from neurophysiology to neuroinformatics and intellectual robotic engineering. It will encompass no less important project based education: development of innovative products and services by the use of neurotechnologies such as bionic prosthetic devices, neurogadgets, intellectual adaptive education systems, robotic devices with neurobiocontrol.

The program students will avail internships in research centres in Russia and Europe, national companies developing products and services by the use of neurotechnologies. According to the Head of the Master Program Maria Sitnikova the applicants will be enrolled for the program upon the results of an interview and portfolio presentation.

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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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