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BelSU researchers obtained a patent for a novel method for production of yogurt with enhanced biological value.

The new method developed by the university researchers working in the framework of the Innovations in Agribusiness Research and Education Centre meets the GOST requirements

The new method is considered to be simple and energy-saving since it does not assume extra pasteurization stages if compared to its rivals. The product recipe consists of natural ingredients and fillers which can be delivered and stored depending on the season. The yogurt is characterized by good organoleptical properties and invigorant effect.

According to the Head of BelSU Food Technology Department Associate Professor Nina Myachikova, the enhancement of the product biological value is resulted by adding nanostructured dry extract of guarana which is considered to be safe if used by recommended dosage and unless contraindicated.

Small amount of guarana not exceeding 37.5 mg improves memory, mood and mental alertness. Our method suggests adding 100 mg of guarana dry extract per 1 liter of milk, commented Nina Myachikova.

The authors of the yogurt enriched with nanostructured guarana noted that it will be of interest for manufactures of functional food products for preventive purposes.

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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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