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Rector of NRU BelSU gave an interview for the biggest Russian information agency

The BelSU Rector Oleg Polukhin told about new approaches to education in the pandemic conditions in his interview BelSU Rector: High Quality Edcucation is Impossible without Face-to-Face Communication posted in the TASS information newsline

In his interview to the TASS correspondent Marina Rizhik the Rector Oleg Polukhin, Doctor of Political Sciences, told how the university implemented the processes aimed at the transfer to distance education during the pandemic.

The Rector noted the main problems faced by the university and obvious positive sides. Oleg Polukhin also expressed his attitude to the distance education.

I am certain that a high quality education cannot be totally based on distance technologies and we do not strive to substitute the traditional education by distance learning. We cannot waive personal interaction during lab sessions, learning to use sophisticated equipment, field work, mentioned the Rector.

While talking about the universitys future plans Oleg Polukhin emphasized the increase of advanced research, developments and patents. For a full version of the interview one can follow the link to the TASS website https://tass.ru/interviews/9065639



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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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