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NRU BelSU researchers offered a smart automated solution to be utilized in the pig industry

The technology based on neural networks designed by the Belgorod State University researchers in collaboration with TsentrProgramSystems company will provide for automatic livestock counting at farms

The initial model test proved the effectiveness of the novel system based on the Deep Learning technology. It will enable to increase the pig-breeding farms output by improved automation of livestock delivery and selection processes. According to the Associate Professor of BelSU Department for Applied Informatics and Information Technologies Rustam Asadullaev, most processing stages in agriculture still lack automation. As it was noted by the OOO TsentrProgramSystems CEO Viktor Kononov in such a case the conventional manual counting is labour-consuming and very costly.

The developer of the new technology Rustam Asadullaev noted that the automatic livestock counting will help to considerably increase the effectiveness of the main processes including livestock inventory, its displacement inside a farm and delivery.

The new technology of automatic counting will cover the whole cycle of the process starting from the data acquisition and its transfer to the server for processing and ending with preliminary data processing and livestock counting, commented Rustam Asadullaev.

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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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