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BelSU archeologists made new discoveries in the Crimea

The universitys teaching staff and alumni of the History and Philology Faculty joined the Eastern Crimea archeological expedition of the Archeology Institute, Russian Academy of Science

From 25 July till 7 August the Associate Professor of the General History Department Elena Semicheva and a group of alumni of different years carried out archeological excavations at the antique settlement nicknamed Polyanka located 5 km to the north of the Cape of Zyuk, Karalar seashore of the Crimean Pryazovia.

According to the Head of the Eastern Crimea archeological expedition and the Head of the Department for Field Studies of the Archeology Institute of Russian Academy of Science Alaksandra Maslennikova, this is a unique antique settlement in the Crimea occupying such a big area and related to this chronological period. That is why its archeological excavation will complement to the poor evidences of the written sources.

The first investigations of this historical monument began in 1984 and lasted for three years. They were resumed in 2007. This year Belgorod researchers began the excavations of the construction apparently presenting a sanctuary and partly discovered the rooms in the Lake Chokrak terrain. Among the most scientifically valuable artefacts excavated were stamped amphora and well preserved red ware pots. Elena Semicheva noted that the excavations were carried out in 2020 despite of the constrained conditions and the expedition was accomplished.


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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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