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NRU BelSU summed up the results of the previous academic year and set the goals for the upcoming one

On the eve of the new academic year the university held a traditional conference for the staff and students at the Youth Cultural Centre

The BelSU Rector Oleg Polukhin addressed the delegates of the conference representing all the administrative divisions and student community with a report on the results of the universitys work in 2019-2020 in the priority fields in education, research, internationalization and social life as well as the goals for the upcoming year.

It was underlined that the university retained or improved its positions in the world ratings despite of the fact that the past academic year turned to be quite challenging for the educational system. In his report Oleg Polukhin pointed out such measures as implementing lean technologies at the university, the uniuveritis achievements as of the integrator of the world-class REC Innovative Solutions in Agribusiness, further implementing of foreign language programs, digital transformation of the education environment.

Among the pressing goals for the academic year 2020-2021 the rector emphasized development of scientific, entrepreneurial, communicative student competences with employers active involvement. The other goals mentioned included development and introduction of the educational programs of higher and continued education in demand by the agricultural complex of Begorod region; providing teaching in foreign languages; increase of the number of joint educational programs implemented in cooperation with other universities and RAS institutes; improving its positions in the digital environment of the region.

One of the priority areas of the upcoming year will be online support of the current educational programs, training the teaching staff how to organize online teaching, application of the cutting-edge equipment and software, technologies aimed for distance learning and presentation materials.


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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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