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New further education programs at NRU BelSU

The Universitys Research and Education Psychological and Pedagogical Centre Resurs presented new further education programs launched at the Institute of Pedagogics

The presentation was organized for the representative of the regional Department for Education, Employment Centres of Belgorod and the region, school teachers, mentors of regional educational institutions, undergraduate and Master students, Doctoral students and professors of NRU BelSU. The Head of the Centre Resurs Elena Eroshenkova informed that over 30 further educational programs had been developed by the Centre. Those include much-in-demand programs in the region according to the experience of cooperation with the regional organizations such as Pedagogical Education. A School Teacher and Pedagogical Education. A University Instructor. In their reports the program managers, leading scientists and instructors of BelSU Institute of Pedagogics defined the target group, the volume and content, main advantages and results of each educational program. Valentina Kormakova, Svetlana Tarasova, Aleksandra Velikanova, Karina Panasenko presented their programs via video-communication.

According to Elena Eroshenkova, the Centre constantly extends the programs list taking into account the requests of academic workers and psychologists.

For the reference: One can find the detailed information about the Centre Resurs and the latest catalogue of further education programs by visiting the official website of NRU BelSU or Division of Pedagogics as well as by calling the phone number:+7 (4722) 30-13-00*27-71.


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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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